Classic THC


20 Servings

Classic THC Drops offer a traditional cannabis experience. Strains are chosen for effects ranging from dreamy to active. At 5mg of all-natural, plant-derived THC per 2-gram candy, choosing your perfect dose is as easy as 1, 2, 3 or more tiny pieces of delicious jellies.

Enhanced CBD


20 Servings

A small spike of THC in our Enhanced CBD Drops allows the CBD and other unique cannabis compounds naturally present in hemp to elevate and shine. Slight euphoria is possible from a single piece if your tolerance for THC is very low. Multiple pieces can lead to a more traditional cannabis effect.

All Natural THC & CBD Hemp Jellies

Drops are made with the highest quality full spectrum concentrates and extracts, for an authentic cannabis experience. Available in both 100mg Classic THC and Enhanced CBD options. Legal in 42 US states and ready to ship direct to your doorstep.

Certified Compliant


3rd Party Lab Tested


Real THC

All Natural Ingredients

Federally Legal

Recyclable Tins

Certified Child-Restant Packaging


What is the difference between hemp & Cannabis?

Hemp is cannabis. In fact, hemp is the same plant species as “marijuana.” Cannabis is unique in that it is legally classified as either marijuana or hemp based solely on the quantity of THC present in the plant.

Are Drops legal to purchase online & consume?

Drops hemp products are federally legal to purchase and consume in the United States according to Congress’ 2018 Farm Bill. However, local jurisdictions may enact their own rules regarding the sale or consumption of hemp THC products. If you live in a state or country where hemp THC products are not permitted, we cannot ship to you.

What is the right dose for me?

First time consumers looking for a traditional cannabis experience should begin with 1 serving (5mg THC for our Classic THC product line). More experienced users may prefer several servings.

If you are looking for a therapeutic non-psychoactive experience, choose our Enhanced CBD products, which contain 1mg THC & 10mg CBD per serving. The small portion of THC works in tandem with the CBD, increasing its effectiveness as compared to CBD alone.

What are strains?

Strain are varietals of the cannabis plant. Each strain produces variable concentrations of psychoactive compounds, which contribute to a unique experience when consumed. Strains are often categorized as “indica” (sedative) or “sativa” (stimulating). However, we find this categorization overly simplistic for representing the large variety of strains that exist. That is why we use descriptor words to give consumers a better idea of how they can expect to feel from a particular strain.

What are synthetic cannabinoids?

Synthetic cannabinoids are the industry standard among hemp products nationally. They are not naturally plant-derived but rather manufactured in a lab. These processes have shown to create byproduct compounds that are not naturally occuring in the plant and have not yet been studied. Be aware that most companies selling such products will not promote this, nor are these compounds guaranteed to be accurately represented on ingredients labels. We suggest looking for products that promote “naturally-derived THC.”