Our Recipe

We believe in simplicity. It lets us focus on what really matters – the quality of our ingredients (especially the cannabis!)

1. Live Rosin

Drops is more than just a mouthwatering candy. It is a collection of experiences, made possible by our key ingredient – live rosin. As a full spectrum concentrate, live rosin preserves the full array of psychoactive compounds that make each strain unique.

Each of our 10 Drops flavors is infused with a unique cannabis strain, so you can choose the experience that’s right for you. When selecting our strains, we seek out the widest variety of effects possible. Try them all and find your favorite!


Fruit Extracts and essential oils serve as the flavoring for Drops.


Pectin provides apples and citrus peels with their structure. It is a vegan alternative to gelatin, with a more delicate texture that brings out flavor in our candies.


Citric Acid activates pectin and gives certain Drops flavors their brightness and tang.


Sugars are the base of our candies. To prevent sugar from recrystallizing, two types must be combined: in our case, a fructose (cane sugar) and a glucose (light corn syrup).


Plant-Based Colorings include beet juice, spirulina, annatto and turmeric.

7. Steel Packaging

Drops packaging is made from steel – one of the only materials that can be recycled indefinitely with no degradation.

Recycle them, or look for Drops packaging return receptacles at your local dispensary. Better yet, use them to store all your tiny items.

Certified child-resistant.